About me

About me

Hello, and welcome to my website.

I’ve created this website because I think that everyone should be able to tell it’s own story about himself, without having others coming to conclusions based on false informations or misunderstandings.

I was born in 1982 in a lazy town in Italy, in a region called Friuli Venezia Giulia. A lot of Italians are not that sure on where this little region is, and I think that this is good for us. It’s a nice place, with mountains, hills, fields and sea, low crime, good schools and a lot of job opportunities. I mean, it’s not perfect but I think that being born here has been really a good starting point in my life.

I put my hands on a PC when I was 8, it was an Intel 286 with Dos and Windows 3. At that time there was no internet, so you had to learn by try and error, and by sharing experiences with the few friends with a PC. I was probably 10 when I wrote my first script that was asking you, after the boot, which game you wanted to play with. Nothing that spectacular, but thinking at the context of those years it seems to me almost incredible.

At twelve years old, more or less, I got my first (and only) CB radio, that I was using mostly the evening after dinner to chat with some local friends. Since we were too young to go out at night, this was a nice way to spend time together with friends. I was also constantly modding my radio base, putting lights or speakers, volt meters or other fancy things.

On June 2001 I got out of high school with a degree in Electronic Engineering and Automated Systems, and I went to the University of Padua to graduate in Computer Science. After the firs year I quit because I wasn’t getting good results and I choose to get a job. I worked in a sawmill for five years doing “office things”, but my focus was still on computers and radios.

With a good friend that had my same passions I started playing with wifi, buying access-points from USA’s online stores and building our own antennas. The idea was to build our own metropolitan network to share the cost of an expensive ADSL line together with other people. In the meanwhile however the prices went down so the project never took off, but all the gathered experience has been the base for my next job.

It was 2006 when I started working as a Junior Network Engineer. My boss was looking for someone with “wireless skills”, and proposed me to work during the day and study during the night to get the knowledge I was missing. It sounded great to me!

I got CCNA in 2008, CCNP in 2010, and a lot of wireless and datacenter specialisation exams during those last 10+ years. I worked with firewalls, routers, switches and access points from different vendors like Cisco, Huawei and Fortinet. Just to name a few: I’ve build a metropolitan wireless network made of 250+ outdoor mesh access-points and dozens of Alvarion point-to-point links; I’ve build (by hand!) an SD-WAN network with 10 sites and five different ISPs; I’ve installed many full 802.1x networks with wireless and wired EAP access using Cisco ISE. And I had a lot of fun doing that!

This is my journey so far. I don’t know what’s next, but I’m sure it will be fantastic!